nUse what you have got, and you won't need what you have not!"

Barb Goydas, AT, Reading Specialist and 4th grade teacher
Ann-Louise Vital, SLP, AT Consultant

Did you know that you can make similar types of vocabulary cards using many different programs?
Did you know that interactive books can be made in a variety of programs?
Did you know that activity sheets and tests can be composed in or scanned into a variety of programs?
Did you know that software programs could be made switch-accessible?

At the 2008 CEC Conference, our poster session was to increase awareness of how to maximize tools already owned by school districts. These tools can be used to develop pragmatic accomodation and adaptive lessons for students with communication challenges. Below is the Power Point presentation and examples that were presented at the conference.

Sites that are switch accessible – shareware and freeware
n – see index
n single switch access for OS 10
n (Apple)
n (PC)

Designing Lessons
n Tools utilized were:
n Microsoft Word
n Power Point
n Boardmaker (familiar Pics)
n Clicker 5
n Microsoft Paint
n Worksheet Magic
n Scans of illustrations from books
n Scans of books for Kurzweil
n Internet lessons
n Internet teacher web support sites


n Using the regular text, we used to make word cards with visual cues and drill and practice worksheets. We added pictures from Boardmaker and google images to illustrate meanings and provide visual supports

Social Studies and Science
n Using core content easy readability books, the vocabulary and concepts were selected to make interactive maps, drill and practice worksheets and vocabulary cards.