Mercy_Centre.JPGAssistive Technology as a

Collaborative Process

To Promote Community Inclusion

The Mercy Centre in Worcester utilizes a collaborative framework to develop assistive technology that allows students with significant disabilities to be active participants in the community, the classroom, and the workplace.

Assistive technology allows students the repetition they often need to learn new skills in a format that is very motivating for them. Some of the ways students at the Mercy Centre use the computer to reinforce skills for community integration are; learning about safety awareness in the community, grouping items for grocery shopping, locating items in a grocery store, using money, budgeting, using a wallet and appropriate behavior.

In the classroom students often use activities created in Intellitools Classroom Suite to reinforce skills.

Wallet Wallet – a book about what is in a wallet

  • Wallet Wallet text with pictures.pdf

  • Wallet Wallet.pdf

  • How We Use Our Hands – a story written by a student about things we do with our hands

  • Welcome to Mercy Centre – to learn more about the Mercy Centre from a student’s perspective read a book they created to tell new students about their school

Individually designed “Pocketmods” help our students independently get ready for community outings or sequence tasks at a community job site.


Websites to Support Community Inclusion

Mercy Centre

Catholic Charities, Worcester County

25 West Chester Street
Worcester, MA 01605


Susan LaSante, M.Ed.

Assistive Technology Specialist