Comic Life and Social Success through Student Participation

Project Goal: Make quick and easy social narratives that students actively participate in (photos and words) and want to use. Because our anecdotal evidence indicates that student behavior improves when they actively engage (we call it social conferencing) in the production of the social narrative, we use photos of the students, their environment, and the tools that are in their environment. Students begin to learn the social strategy by participating in the social conferences (with adults and peers) necessary to construct the visual narrative. The record of the social conference is captured in a Comic Life image and added to their individualized or classroom ‘social binder.’

Comic Life is the cost effective ($29.95) tool that allows us to include all the components necessary for successful social experiences and future social strategy training for our students from 5-18 years old. Students have begun to capture their own images and scripts by using the tools (Comic Life, digital camera) and now insist on equal participation and management of their positive social programs.

Photos + Student Voice/Participation + Quick/Cheap/Easy Production = Successful Social Scripts and Increased Positive Behavior

“Education will vary with the quality of life that prevails in a group.” John Dewey


images-3.jpegHere are some great Comic Life Resources:

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