Kurzweil 3000 software, by Cambium Learning Technologies, is research-aligned technology that provides reading, writing, and study solutions to help all students overcome learning challenges. Kurzweil 3000 is no longer considered a tool just for Special Education. It is increasingly becoming recognized as a powerful tool for General Education classrooms to support all students.Good technology that is necessary for some, beneficial for ALL!
The Patrick O'Hearn Elementary School in Dorchester, MA, the Jackson Memorial Middle School in Massillon, OH and the Southeastern Vocational Technical High School in Easton, MA are currently using Kurzweil 3000 to include all students in the classroom. Each school is at a different stage in their implementation of the technology and each has a different approach to using Kurzweil 3000.

All schools report exciting results with the use of Kurzweil 3000

and had the opportunity to share their stories through the

CEC Assistive Technology Showcase conducted by Simmons College!


Universal Design for Learning is a framework, developed by the
Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST),
that aims to accommodate a broad spectrum of learners by requiring a range of options for
accessing, using and engaging with learning materials.

The Three Guiding Principles of Universal Design for Learning:


These multiple means of representation, expression and engagement
reduce barriers for individuals with disabilities but also enhance opportunities
for every student.

The key is flexibility, not uniformity.

A core component of a Universally Designed classroom is curriculum that is accessible to the widest range of learners possible and that honors a wide variety of learning styles.

Providing content in a digital format makes it inherently accessible
to a broad range of learners.


Kurzweil 3000 enables schools to convert curriculum content into a format that provides the range of accessible accommodations most students need to independently access the curriculum. Kurzweil 3000 can be used to read content to struggling students, offers instant word study support, reads tests and worksheets out loud to students, provides talking word processor support for writing, allows teachers to embed comprehension supports in its digital text, and is currently an accommodation for High Stakes Testing in several states.


In addition, Kurzweil 3000 provides keyboard shortcuts for its features. This is essential for making sure that individuals who use assistive technology devices to access the computer can fully access Kurzweil 3000 files and features.

Links for resources for alternate access to Kurzweil 3000:


Kurzweil 3000, by Cambium Learning Technologies, is content independent, and is therefore being used by Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Universities, and adults in the workplace

Ohearn.jpg O'Hearn School Educator Contact : Amy Gailunas

Jackson Memorial Middle School Educator Contacts: Kathy Brand and Rachel Stien

See Jackon's AMAZING Kurzweil 3000 movie
which includes student and teacher interviews!

Southeastern Educator Contact: Kathy Zingg

Research To Support the Use of Kurzweil 3000:
The Iowa Text Reader Project is an independent 3-year longitudinal study looking at the
impact of Kurzweil 3000 on student achievement with middle school students.
Key findings include:
  • Improved reading comprehension
  • Ability for students to access content at twice the rate they could without the accommodation
  • Independent access to content
  • Reductions in absences, tardies and office referrals
  • Improvements in rank on Iowa Test of Basic Skills scores

Link to other Research

CLT Implementation Services: Professional Development is NOT an option!

Integrating technology involves more than just training on the technology tool.
It must be connected to classroom teaching and curriculum
in order to truly impact student achievement.

Resources to support successful implementation of Kurzweil 3000:

Other Resources:

Kurzweil 3000 USB

For more information contact:
Jennifer Edge-Savage
Faculty, Simmons College, Assistive Technology for Special Education Program
Director of Implementation Services, Cambium Learning Technologies, Inc.
100 Crosby Drive
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1-800-894-5374 x632

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